Smart Planner for Associations

Does the financial wellness of your membership impact your organization?

In a recent Money Magazine poll, nearly 66% of those earning less than $100,000 and 50% of those making over $100,000 said they were worried about their family's economic security. 60% of respondents felt they didn't have enough money set aside for emergencies and didn't think the family's breadwinner would find it easy to get another job if laid off. 60% were also anxious about how they would pay their health care expenses. 50% of respondents indicated they were living paycheck to paycheck. 20% of respondents with children said they would probably need their kids' financial support someday.1

Smart Planner is an affordable, high-impact and confidential tool for helping individuals from all walks of life take control of their financial futures.

Smart Planner is for everyone. Whether the topic is prepping for retirement, paying for children’s college tuition, or establishing basic financial literacy, Smart Planner asks the smart questions that deliver smart pathways to resolution.

Your members will thank you for providing such a straightforward tool that advances their financial well-being in a minimum amount of time.

PBS has used Smart Planner for 20 years for its radio and television pledge programming while meeting an acute need of its audience.

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  1. Money Magazine, March 2014