Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Smart Planner work?

Smart Planner is entirely online, entirely automated, and powered by a continually updated, world-class system that matches your situation with highly customized, actionable financial planning advice. We recently did the math and came up with 6 sextillion (that’s a lot of zeroes) different response combinations, all but ensuring that every Smart Planner customer gets their own unique, customized report.

How does Smart Planner compare with other products offered by financial planners and financial companies?

While many people call themselves financial planners, many are limited in their offerings because they are focused on a product type (e.g. investments, insurance, estate planning, etc.), or product (e.g. annuities, stocks and bonds, life insurance, etc.), or demographic group (wealthy families, retirees, etc.). To make matters worse, many financial planners are conflicted in the advice they give because they are frequently locked into corporate arrangements where they can only recommend a limited universe of financial planning options. Smart Planner has no such limitations or conflicts and is therefore able to provide objective, clear, holistic advice. In fact, many people who use Smart Planner already have a financial planner but want an affordable second opinion.

How do I use Smart Planner?

The Smart Planner user interface and confidential personal profile are designed for maximum simplicity and ease of use. Once you’ve downloaded the personal profile, take about 30 minutes to fill in the questions to the best of your ability and click on the submit button. You’ll get a response, usually within minutes if not seconds that will give you customized advice on how to improve your personal financial future. In addition, Smart Planner is smart enough to know that sometimes our best intentions slip in the face of daily duties, so it will send you customized email reminders to follow-up on specific items based on your confidential personal profile responses.

What does Smart Planner cover?

Here at Smart Planner we pride ourselves on the breadth and depth of tailored financial planning advice that we’re able to deliver to all of our customers. As such Smart Planner will provide you with down-to-earth advice and recommendations on matters as diverse as retirement planning, insurance coverages, debt and credit management, investment guidance, savings for college, income taxes, wills, and more.

What does Smart Planner not cover?

As smart as the Smart Planner software is, Smart Planner is not positioned to give legal advice, or to execute securities trades, or bind insurance. Smart Planner specializes in pointing you in the right direction regarding your financial future, but the execution of those strategies and tips is up to you! You will find from your report that you can make a lot of decisions on your own and buy financial products like insurance and mutual funds without paying high fees and commissions.

Is my report specific to my situation?

Yes. The information you enter into the Smart Planner confidential personal profile generates results that are directly linked to your answers. If you tell Smart Planner that you’ve got kids going off to college, Smart Planner will provide you with helpful advice on how to manage that burden, taking into account your entire financial situation. Likewise, if you tell Smart Planner that you’re dealing with looming family estate matters, Smart Planner will deliver tailored estate planning advice that provides information on a state-by-state level of detail.

How long does it take to complete the confidential personal profile?

For most people it takes less than 30 minutes to fill out. One of the advantages of Smart Planner is that it asks straightforward questions that get to the heart of your financial matters without a lot of superfluous calculations and reliance on arcane financial concepts. Also, if you’re like a lot of busy people who find it hard to string together 15 free minutes at a time, you can always pause and save your personal profile responses and come back to the application when you’re ready to continue. Just imagine – in 30 minutes you can be at a completely new level of confidence in managing your personal financial future.

Am I on my own after I receive my report?

We wouldn’t dream of leaving you hanging after you’ve received your report, but neither do we want to bother you unduly. Smart Planner looks at your personal profile survey responses and provides specific follow-up emails every few weeks to encourage you to take care of the open issues that you identified in your financial life. You can of course opt-out of these emails at any time. Smart Planner also provides links to “Quick Guides” that provide more detail and context to help you get smarter about the decisions you need to make.

Does Smart Planner work for people who are just starting out or who don’t have much money?

It certainly does. Smart Planner was designed with everybody in mind, so whether you’re starting your first job and trying to get your bearings or are trying to bounce back from a financial setback, you’ll be just as well served as individuals with extensive financial resources at other stages of life and career.

Does Smart Planner work for retired people?

It certainly does. Given the myriad financial concerns facing retired individuals, retirees are among the demographic groups most able to benefit from Smart Planner’s breadth of coverage. Retirees are likely to find particular benefit from Smart Planner’s guidance on topics such as tax matters, wills, estate planning, and investing wisely in retirement, among others.

How do I pay for Smart Planner?

It’s easy to securely pay for Smart Planner by credit card. All you have to do is go to SmartPlanner.com, and look for the “Sign Up Now” button. Our secure online shopping order form will lead you directly to the password-protected input screen for your online confidential personal profile, where you can begin to immediately take control of your financial future.

What if I want to run the report again with different inputs?

You’re free to change your responses in your confidential personal profile as many times as you like prior to making the final submittal that generates your report. After that, however you’ll have to run Smart Planner again to generate a new report. In fact, we strongly encourage you to regenerate your Smart Planner at least annually or anytime your financial or family situation may have changed. Smart Planner is continuously revised to assure that you always receive the most up–to-date information, so checking in with Smart Planner periodically is always a good idea.

How do I know that my information is confidential?

Smart Planner has been trusted for over 20 years because no one’s confidentiality has ever been violated. How do we do that? Not only do we not require that you put your full name and address on your personal profile, there’s no place on the profile to enter that information. We do ask that you use your first name and your state of residence, but that, in addition to your email address, is all the background information we need to provide you with your report, your follow up reminders, and any Quick Guides you would like to receive. As opposed to virtually every other service that provides financial advice, no one will call or contact you trying to sell you something that’s loaded with commissions and fees and that you probably don’t need anyway.

What if I need more information on a particular money matter?

Getting reliable financial information is a big problem. Searching the Web can be dangerous, because you never know if the information you rely on is both up-to-date and unbiased. Smart Planner solves that problem throughout your experience. If you need more information on a topic, for example considering a Roth IRA conversion, your Smart Planner report is filled with links to Quick Guides that provide more in depth coverage of topics in your report. That’s good news, but the even better news is that each Quick Guide is no longer than one or two pages, so you won’t have to waste your precious time getting the guidance you need to make wise money decisions.

Is Smart Planner available to financial advisors to help service their customers?

Smart Planner is devoted exclusively to supporting individuals in their quest for a stronger, healthier financial future with objective and trustworthy advice. The Smart Planner team welcomes any interested financial advisors to use Smart Planner in support of their clients’ financial planning development, but does not provide licensing options to financial advisors.

Who do I contact if I have a question about filling in my Personal Financial Profile?

Please send any questions to Smart Planner via the Contact Us tab on this website. The Smart Planner team will respond as promptly as possible!

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