About Smart Planner

Jonathan Pond and the origins of Smart Planner.

Smart Planner History

From an original prototype financial planning software package laid down in 1987, the first version of Smart Planner was released in 1994 to nationwide PBS audiences, and has since raised tens of millions of dollars for PBS television and radio stations in over 20+ years of uninterrupted fundraising campaigns. Hundreds of thousands of PBS members have taken advantage of Smart Planner, and it has become a go-to resource for PBS affiliates around the country seeking to engage their viewers and listeners, helping PBS stations meet and beat fund-raising targets.

After years of continual refinement and recent technology upgrades, Smart Planner is now ready to engage a broader audience with personalized reports driven from its online confidential personal profile. The benefits that have been realized by PBS members for over two decades are now able to be released to the general public at a very affordable cost.

Jonathan Pond

Jonathan Pond designed and developed the Smart Planner software suite over the course of 25+ years, and his lifetime of experience in educating Americans about improving their personal finances remains core to Smart Planner’s analysis and recommendations.

Jonathan has been has been called “America’s Financial Planner” and has received many accolades celebrating his long efforts to educate Americans about financial planning strategies in print, radio, and television.

Jonathan is the recipient of many awards, including:

  • The Malcolm Forbes Public Awareness Award for Excellence in Advancing Financial Understanding
  • An Emmy award for his contributions to a television series on financial planning in the 21st century

The American Society of Association Executives and the Newsletter Writers Association have recognized Jonathan as an outstanding author, and over one million copies of his books have been sold. Jonathan was educated at the University of North Carolina, Emory University, and the Harvard Business School.

The Future…

Smart Planner has big plans and is poised to revolutionize and disrupt the staid world of providing financial advice. American individuals and families are facing unprecedented financial complexity and uncertainty and need high quality, affordable answers that speak to their specific situations.

The release of Smart Planner to the public signals just the beginning of a series of subsequent “Smart” tools to help individuals manage their financial futures. As a member of the Smart Planner family you will be among the first to have an opportunity to take advantage of our valuable tools to help you achieve a wonderful financial future.

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