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Created by award-winning financial expert Jonathan Pond, Smart Planner has distilled the wisdom of 25 years of financial advising practice to provide a powerful online financial planning tool that is confidential, secure, and extremely affordable. Smart Planner will help you and your loved ones address pressing personal financial matters such as retirement, investments, insurance, debt, income taxes, budgeting, estate planning, and saving for college, among others.

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Smart Planner has been offered to PBS audiences on television and radio for over 20 years and is now available for the first time to the general public.

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20s and 30s

The sooner you develop good financial habits, the better able you will be to get on a sound financial footing, both now and in the future. Your Smart Planner report will show you step-by-step exactly what you need to do to achieve your financial dreams.

“I tell all my friends about Smart Planner – that despite the low price, the report is filled with useful information.”

40s and 50s

This is a crucial time in your financial life. Your customized Smart Planner report will provide specific guidance, based on your own situation, of actions to take now that will enable you to retire in financial comfort on your own terms. Your report will cover every area of your financial life to make sure you don’t overlook any important financial matters.

We weren’t expecting much for the modest price, but we were wrong. The tips it provided were worth many times the price. Smart Planner is a gem.”

Getting ready to retire

Pre retirees need to consider a lot of money matters in addition to investing as they approach retirement, like insurance, debt, income taxes, budgeting, and estate planning. Your Smart Planner analysis will cover all bases and give you an unbiased plan to approach your retirement with confidence.

“I was petrified about my retirement readiness. Fortunately, our Smart Planner service helped us understand that our overall financial situation was actually quite sound. I wish we had taken advantage of Smart Planner years ago.”

Recent retiree

The financial services industry doesn’t pay a lot of attention to the financial concerns of retirees, but Smart Planner does. In fact, almost one-third of those who have taken advantage of Smart Planner are already retired, and for good reason since Smart Planner’s analysis and recommendations are customized for those who are retired. At last, you’ll have a resource to help you enjoy an abundant, worry free retirement.

“Just after I retired, I paid $125 for Smart Planner when it was offered on public television. It was well worth it and now, at a much lower price, it’s an offer you shouldn’t pass up. It’s truly wonderful for retirees.”

Veteran retiree

As you already know, financial concerns and needs don’t go away after you retire. Your Smart Planner report will be filled with useful advice tailored to your age and financial situation designed to help you enjoy a long retirement free of financial worries.

“We’ve been retired for almost 20 years, but still had questions about our financial situation. Smart Planner to the rescue! The questionnaire was easy to fill out and our report showed us how to improve our situation and sleep better knowing we’re on the right path.

Your Family Situation


Everyone’s situation is unique, and the advantage of Smart Planner is that it considers your unique money status and crafts step-by-step recommendations customized just for you. No two reports are alike, and the regular follow-up emails will keep you on the path to financial security.

“A few years ago I concluded that as a single person, I was on my own as far as getting my financial act together. That’s not a good feeling. I took a chance with Smart Planner – not a big chance since it’s very reasonably priced compared with a financial planner, which I couldn’t afford. What a delightful surprise. The report understood my own financial needs and gave me a great list of recommendations, which I am in the process of implementing.”

Single parent

Single parents are doubly challenged. First, you need to create a financially stable life for your family now or in the near future. Second, you should prepare to meet large expenses in the future, which often includes a home and college education. Smart Planner will provide you with easy-to-follow guidance to help you meet your financial challenges and achieve a good financial future.

“I’m a low income single mother who really wants to make a better life for my kids. My friend told me about Smart Planner. Wow, what a difference. It speaks to families like me and shows me how to start small to build up my savings and how to obtain the insurance we need.


Partnered couples face some special financial and estate planning needs in addition to matters shared by both partnered and married couples. Smart Planner has been very popular among partnered couples because it deals with their total financial lives, including areas that are unique to them.

“My partner and I have been together for almost a decade and had many questions about our financial status. Smart Planner is not a “one size fits all” financial plan. Our report helped us in every area of our financial life with emphasis on matters that are unique to partnered couples. What a great service.”

Married, no children

While not commonly considered by financial planners, DINK (dual income, no kids) couples have financial concerns quite different from couples with children. Smart Planner considers these matters so your report will be remarkably useful both now and in the future.

“We are so happy with our Smart Planner report and periodic reminders. It’s worth many times its cost. It’s remarkable how the report addresses our unique situation – a couple with no children. It didn’t waste our time covering areas that don’t pertain to us.”

Married, with children

There’s no getting around it. Children are expensive, and the costs don’t usually end when they leave the nest. Smart Planner will customize your recommendations to take your own family situation into account, whether you’re concerned about meeting college costs, helping adult children, or making sure your will is structured to help them out later on. Of course, your Smart Planner report will also provide guidance and periodic reminders on all other important areas of your financial life.

“We had broken every money rule in the book. Scant savings, overindulged children, no plans for the kids’ college or our retirement. We had heard about Smart Planner, so we completed the questionnaire (very simple) and our report put us on the right track. It didn’t criticize us. Instead, it showed what we need to do and provided a timetable to do it. The tasks Smart Planner laid out are relatively painless and after just one year, our family finances are in much, much better shape.”

Separated or divorced

Separation and divorce is almost inevitably a time of anxiety, both personally and financially. Smart Planner is just the resource you need to adjust to your new financial life. Your report will cover all financial areas, taking into consideration your new status, so that you can approach your financial future with confidence.

“I was hit hard by my divorce and concluded that my financial well-being was history. Then a friend who had divorced several years ago suggested Smart Planner. I’ll be forever grateful to her because Smart Planner understood my plight and came up with a whole list of suggestions and steps to take to regain financial peace-of-mind.”


In addition to the inevitable trauma of losing a spouse, you also must grapple with changes in your money situation. Smart Planner can be indispensable in providing guidance and recommendations, all taking into consideration your current and future financial status.

“While my late husband left me with more than enough money to live on, I had never been involved with our finances and worried that I’d make some mistakes that could hurt me and my children. Fortunately, my Smart Planner report service reviewed my situation and gave me the knowledge and guidance I needed to take control of all areas of my financial life.”

Your Financial Status

Just starting out

A big income is not a prerequisite to achieving a secure financial life. Your Smart Planner report will provide you with the tools necessary to put your personal finances in order and the periodic follow-up reminders will keep you informed of important steps to take to steadily improve your situation.

“My grandparents gave me a Smart Planner when I got my first job after college graduation. I figured that since I had no money my report would be of no help. I was wrong, though. It was an amazing report that was just for me. It laid out a strategy to begin saving for a house, contributing to my retirement plan at work, and obtaining the insurance that I need. Without Smart Planner’s encouragement, I probably wouldn’t have gotten around to doing these things for many years.”

Suffering from financial problems

Few people escape periodic financial problems which inevitably appear overwhelming at the time. Whatever your situation may be, Smart Planner is an affordable way to receive a sensible, unbiased plan that will greatly improve both your current money problems and your future financial situation. At last, you’ll have the confidence to overcome whatever challenges that you face. Smart Planner gave us hope when we thought our situation was hopeless.

“Just when I thought my money situation was hopeless, along came Smart Planner. It gave me a lot of hope and I know my future is a lot brighter.”

Recovering from financial problems

The road to financial recovery often seems endless, but Smart Planner can shorten the journey with recommendations and step-by-step guidance that highlight the most important money moves to make now. Money help is on the way with Smart Planner.

“We were bankrupt and didn’t know where to turn for help. Smart Planner to the rescue! It gave us hope and a plan for a better future.

Doing fairly well

No matter what your current financial status may be, there are always opportunities to do better. That’s where Smart Planner plays an important role. By taking an in depth look at every important area of your financial life, Smart Planner comes up with suggestions of easy and sensible ways to do better with your personal financial planning.

“It’s amazing how much great advice we got from Smart Planner, and it’s all based on a simple confidential questionnaire.”

Good financial shape

Those who are doing well financially still aspire to do even better. No matter what your financial situation might be, Smart Planner reviews all important areas of your financial life and comes up with many suggestions to help you further improve your personal financial planning and investing…and even sends you periodic reminders of important matters on your “to do” list.

“We’re very fortunate insofar as we have no financial worries. On the other hand, there’s always the possibility that we’re overlooking something that could be financially harmful. Smart Planner is an amazing resource because it is so thorough in its coverage and even lists our shortcomings in order of importance.”

Considering a second opinion

Many individuals and families already have a financial planner, but take advantage of Smart Planner to receive a second opinion about their financial needs. After all, the cost is very affordable, and the unbiased recommendations are almost assured to reveal money matters that can be improved upon.

“I have a lot of money and many advisors, but I figured why not see what Smart Planner has to tell me. Was I surprised at the advice I received. It showed that my high-priced advisors had overlooked several crucial matters.”

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